The Rock Church Podcast

by The Rock Church

Glad you are joining us! We value the study of scripture and diving into the deeper things that the Word of God has for us. Each week we will have a round table discussion about the sermon preached on Sunday and take a little more time on some of the more intricate details of the message.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Brand New | All Things New

    Brand New | All Things New

    Join us as we finish out the series Brand New and give a small insight to the upcoming sermon series Tenacity.

  • Brand New | The New Has Come

    Brand New | The New Has Come

    New - To never be in existance before. What does it mean that the new has come? There are many deep thoughts in today's episode and we look forward to having you join us as we talk about being Brand New.

  • Brand New | New Wine Skins

    Brand New | New Wine Skins

    Today we talk about the parables that Jesus told the people about new wine, being made new and what it looks like to put on the new self. The deeper look at Brand New; sermon on 4.7.2024

  • Brand New | New Self

    Brand New | New Self

    Our Easter weekend recap! What an amazing weekend celebrating what Jesus has done for us. Today we talk about our Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday experience and what Grace is to us. Sermon on 3.31.24

  • Continuity


    Join us as Angie Preston ties the series together in our final installment of the Continuity series. Sermon on 3.24.2024