The Rock Church Podcast

by The Rock Church

Glad you are joining us! We value the study of scripture and diving into the deeper things that the Word of God has for us. Each week we will have a round table discussion about the sermon preached on Sunday and take a little more time on some of the more intricate details of the message.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Continuity: What's Happening

    Continuity: What's Happening

    Join us for the start of our new series Continuity. Sermon on 2.18.24

  • Pneumatology: Speaking in Tongues

    Pneumatology: Speaking in Tongues

    Join us for our last podcast in the sermon series Pneumatology. Thanks for joining us in this! Sermon on 2.11.24

  • Pneumatology: The Gifts

    Pneumatology: The Gifts

    Today we discuss the importance and intention of the Gifts of the Spirit. Sermon on 2.4.2024

  • Pneumatology: Baptism with the Holy Spirit

    Pneumatology: Baptism with the Holy Spirit

    Expounding the sermon of Baptism with the Holy Spirit. Sermon on 1.24.24

  • Pneumatology: The Veil Is Torn

    Pneumatology: The Veil Is Torn

    We recap the sermon from our guest speaker Beni Friedman on 1.21.24, and we dive into the fact that the veil is torn in the tabernacle and we now have access to the Holy Spirit and the Father because of Jesus.