S01 E79 - Heather + Dolly: A therapy dog team creating book worms.

Therapy Dog Talk by Sherrie Rohde
Heather and her Golden Retriever, Dolly, join forces to inspire a love for reading, creating bookworms one child at a time.In this 79th episode of Therapy Dog Talk, I chat with Heather and her Golden Retriever, Dolly, about their inspiring work in creating bookworms by combining Heather’s passion for education with Dolly’s natural bond wi  ...  See more
Apr 26 2023

[00:00:00] Sherrie: Hello everybody. Welcome to Therapy Dog Talk.
My name is Sherrie. My pup's names are Sunny and Rylie, and each week we talk with different Therapy Dog teams and researchers around the world about the impact that they're making in their area.
If you are just getting started or not sure where to get started, we have a free guide for you that you can find at freeguide.therapydogtalk.com. And we also have a community you can join at community.therapydogtalk.com.
Today we're talking with Heather and Dolly of @CreatingBookworms and I'm really excited to hear from them.
[00:00:37] Heather: Hello. How are you, Sherrie?
[00:00:39] Sherrie: Good, how are you?
Is that Dolly there with you?
[00:00:42] Heather: This is Dolly. Yeah, she was.
[00:00:45] Sherrie: Hi Dolly.

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