S01 E53 - Dr. Colleen Dell: A human-animal bond researcher in Canada.

Therapy Dog Talk by Sherrie Rohde
Canadian researcher Dr. Colleen Dell has spent the last decade studying the human-animal bond alongside her animal partners.In this 53rd episode of Therapy Dog Talk, I spoke with Dr. Colleen Dell—a Canadian researcher at the University of Saskatchewan who has spent the past decade in the human-animal field publishing over two-dozen peer r  ...  See more
Nov 30 2022

Hi there. I'm talking to you. Yes, you. My name is Sherrie. My pup's name is Sunny, and we are training to be an Animal Assisted Counseling team. You are listening to the Therapy Dog Talk podcast, the show that interviews past, present, and future Therapy Dog teams about how they're making an impact in their communities. Today we're talking with Dr.

Colleen Dell, a Canadian researcher at the University of Saskatchewan, who has spent the past decade in the human animal field publishing over two dozen peer reviewed articles, as well as delivered well over 50 invited talks. We'll discuss how Colleen partners with her own animals in Therapy Dog initiatives, why she views her animals as colleagues in her work, and what opportunities exist for others to advance the field,

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