The Pragmatics

by The Pragmatics

Discussing today's most important topics pragmatically with some humour, while sticking to the data. Guests appearing on The Pragmatics are subject matter experts that help us understand the information rather than hearing it from the mainstream media, who have been quite dishonest. Much of the time, dishonest by omission. Come on in and join us.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The Pragmatics Ep#10

    The Pragmatics Ep#10

    Retired Vancouver Police Department, Sergeant Kirk Star, provides us with a tremendous portrayal of today's law enforcement challenges and the changes he's experienced over his 35 year career in Vancouver. Sergeant Star was also a dog handler for 11 years of his VPD career and gives us an interesting peek into what it's like to be in the dog squad. Very informative and entertaining....enjoy!

  • The Pragmatics Ep#9

    The Pragmatics Ep#9

    Stu & Des dive into a number of topics that are shaping our society and lives. We feature a terrific Cab Franc from BC's Burrowing Owl. Also, Canada and the world lost a songwriting icon recently and we feature a selection from his incredible body of work. Enjoy....

  • The Pragmatics Ep#8

    The Pragmatics Ep#8

    Stu & Des talk with Dan McTeague, President of Canadians for Affordable Energy & Former Liberal MP to talk about some of Canada's biggest current issues. As an 18-year former Liberal MP, Dan's insight of the issues is meticulous. This is an episode not to miss.

  • The Pragmatics Ep#7

    The Pragmatics Ep#7

    Stu & Des speak with Ratika Gandhi, Legal Professional talking privacy law, the workplace & corp governance/responsibilities. Touching on very timely subjects which affect many employees and employers, especially in these post-pandemic times. Enjoy.....

  • The Pragmatics Ep#6

    The Pragmatics Ep#6

    Stu & Des invite guest Matt Potter, Managing Director of Forensic Five Corp, (F5) to talk about cyber security, current risks to both personal and business, and how F5 works and assists law firms, banks, municipalities and others fortify their organizations from cyber threats. The guys feature a 2019 Pinot Blanc from Black Swift, and another great tune from 1982.