The Physical Mindset Podcast

by Ziggy Zeigler

Welcome to the Physical Mindset Podcast! This is where we talk to the world's best trainers, physical therapist, psychologist and doctors about physical activity, their advice into getting into the field, ways to prevent injury, and the mental toughness that goes into the world's most popular sports! I hope you enjoy each conversation! Enjoy!

Podcast episodes

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  • Los Angeles Clippers Lead Sports Dietitian- Jessica Isaacs

    Los Angeles Clippers Lead Sports Dietitian- Jessica Isaacs

    Today I have a with me a very special guest. Jessica Issacs is the Lead Sports Dietitian for the Los Angeles Clippers. She has been working with them for the past almost 2 years. Her experience ranges from the Collegiate level with UCLA to the Mamba Academy and now the Los Angeles Clippers. While working for UCLA, she worked alongside the men’s and woman’s basketball team where she provided a high level of nutrition for those athletes. She know works for the Clippers where she helps out with player diets, recommendation of supplements, food recommendation.She works hand in hand with the Strength and Conditioning Coach, player chefs, Physical Therapist etc, to help provide the highest level of performance for the athletes. We talk about processed food, substances that can be in food that is actually harmful for athletes, vitamins that can be beneficial and also how Creatine can help enhance athletic performance and delay fatigue as well as help protect the brain and improve recovery post-concussion. We touch on the fact that a new review found over 28% of supplements tested were contaminated with undeclared substances, posing a risk of unintentional doping for athletes? The more you know! We talked a lot in this episode so make sure you tap that follow button for more!You can follow Jessica Issacs on instagram @jessicathesportsrd if you want to see her funny videos about nutrition. They are a joy to watch and you’ll always learn something new!

  • Dr. Shawna Israel Former Boston Celtics Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist

    Dr. Shawna Israel Former Boston Celtics Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist

    We Back! Today I have with me a very special guest by the name of Dr. Shawna Israel. Her experience pans across a verity of sports and experience level. From the collegiate level to the pros. She received her B.S in Athletic Training at SDSU and went on to USC for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at USC. She continued her work after graduation as Co-Head Club Sports Athletic Trainer for USC and eventually worked as a Sports Med Volunteer at the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee After a couple years, she then got the job as the Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist for the Boston Celtics and their G-League team, the Maine Celtics. She worked during their season and collaborated with the CSCS, and Nutritionists to help the players preform at their best. She now works for AASPT and Pro-Sig as Co-Chair where they talk about a variety of topics in the sports world. Ranging from ACL Mechanisms, Women in Sports, In-Season Injury Management and a variety of other topics. Our conversation was non stop about the effects of rehabilitation and getting players back to play and some interesting studies that were done. Please welcome, Dr. Shawna Israel!

  • Clippers Sports Psychologist- Dr.Sara Hickmann

    Clippers Sports Psychologist- Dr.Sara Hickmann

    On today's episode I have a very special guest with me. Dr.Hickmann has been the Sports Psychologist for the Los Angeles Clipper for 2 years now and has plenty of experience with the sports world. Working for the New York Jets from 2009-2014 and was also the Clinical and Sports Psychologist for the Brooklyn Nets from 2010-2014. She has also worked with the Navy and has been a Clinical Consultant for the NFL since 2010. Her experience is immersed in so many different venues that you wouldn't assume that she was a gymnast back in the day. We talk about being in the zone, how internal and external factors play a key role in performance, asking if too much praise is damaging to a player and many more interesting topics. Dr. Hickmann brings an abundance of knowledge, well provoked ideas, and critical advice in this episode. If you love how an athletes mind works and want to know the intricate details that go into getting an athlete back to playing, this episode is just for you. Sit back and relax, and listen to all these sports facts.

  • Atlético Madrid Physical Therapist- Carlos del Barrio

    Atlético Madrid Physical Therapist- Carlos del Barrio

    Today on the show I have with me the one and only Carlos del Barrio from Atlético de Madrid. Carlos is an amazing individual who has worked so hard to get to where he is at today. We go through his journey of working with football club, teaching, and the hard decisions getting to the position. His story is one for those who are trying to make it professionally in the sports world and the necessary steps and sacrifices to be the best there is. Love his story and his humble attitude. A great conversation with a legend and I hope you guys enjoy!

  • Sports Psychology- Dr. Amy Wheeler

    Sports Psychology- Dr. Amy Wheeler

    Today I have with me Professor and Doctor, Amy Wheeler. Doctor Wheeler is a sports psychologist that works closely with athletes around the world. She trains, advises, and helps athletes focus their attention on the task at hand and makes sure they play at the best level possible. She has worked along side golf players, soccer players, and was also the sports psychologist for the Los Angeles Lakers during their 2000-2001 NBA season. She still works closely with athletes and is a professor at California State University San Bernardino. Her intellect and knowledge about choking, getting in the zone, and acknowledging where your focus is, is very interesting and we dive deep into all these aspects on podcast. Enjoy!