The Penrith Perception

by The Penrith Perception

The Penrith Perception podcast is designed to guide Penrith Selective High School students to succeed in life. Its aim is to share wholesome experiences and wisdom from prefects, teachers, successful alumni and professionals at the top of their field.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • The Long Goodbye

    The Long Goodbye

    Mr Long was the Principal at Penrith Selective High School from 2017-2023. He has had a marvellous career in public education and especially in selective high schools. In this episode we chat about his career in leadership, his love of education and the legacy he leaves behind as he soars to new heights in America.

  • Cheerleading


    In today’s episode we will hear from Mitali and Sophie, two students who participate in Penrith High School’s newly started Cheerleading Program who are eager to share their experiences in our school's exciting new club that I’m sure have caught the interest of many students here.

  • Engineering and TAS

    Engineering and TAS

    Engineering is one of the most popular choices for subjects at our school, whether it be as a senior course or as a junior elective. The subject is a compilation of skills vital for technological advancement, and for building comprehensive and critical thinking skills. In this episode the team talks to some of our senior students and Mr McGovern for their knowledge, history and expertise on why Engineering is awesome.

  • Basketball Enrichment

    Basketball Enrichment

    In today’s episode we will hear from two year 9 students, Srushti and Harry who are keen to share their experiences with basketball enrichment and their takes on this opportunity, as well as why this is one of the best enrichment programs our school has to offer.

  • All About Art

    All About Art

    In today’s episode we will hear from Ms Berry, who teaches in CAPA as well as two year 11 arts students, Bhavika and Amiya, who are very excited to share their thoughts and personal experiences with our school’s many art programs, including their reasons for choosing it and why they think the junior years should too.