How To: Master Passive Income with Charles Rose

The Passive Road To Retirement by Andrew Jarrett

Episode notes

Charles Rose Jr is a Real Estate Investor and coach who works with new investors to help them close that first cash-flowing rental property on their path to financial freedom. He and his wife Katherine Rose built a 6 figure automatic real estate business in 3 years. He also helps other investors scale their business into a 6 figure real estate business.

Charles Rose Jr firmly believes that getting in the right investor mindset is key to being a successful real estate investor. Charles Rose Jr is a co-host on the Master Passive Income Podcast with Dustin Heiner and was a featured guest on the Breakthrough Millionaire and Living Off Rentals Podcasts.

He is also the Community Manager of Master Passive Income and a speaker at REWBCON (Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference). Charles Rose Jr holds a bachelor of science degree in civil en ... 

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