The Passive Road To RetirementExplicit

by Andrew Jarrett

Imagine having an abundance of time and money to live the most meaningful vision of the life you dream of, taking anyone you wish along for the adventure. That vision is created and sustained by Passive Income. Passive income will be our main focus of discussion every week.

Podcast episodes

  • How To: Master Passive Income with Charles Rose

    How To: Master Passive Income with Charles Rose

    Charles Rose Jr is a Real Estate Investor and coach who works with new investors to help them close that first cash-flowing rental property on their path to financial freedom. He and his wife Katherine Rose built a 6 figure automatic real estate business in 3 years. He also helps other investors scale their business into a 6 figure real estate business. Charles Rose Jr firmly believes that getting in the right investor mindset is key to being a successful real estate investor. Charles Rose Jr is a co-host on the Master Passive Income Podcast with Dustin Heiner and was a featured guest on the Breakthrough Millionaire and Living Off Rentals Podcasts. He is also the Community Manager of Master Passive Income and a speaker at REWBCON (Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference). Charles Rose Jr holds a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Charlotte University and is the author of Journey To Success: Defy The Odds & Realize Your Dreams.

  • How To: Accelerate your Real Estate Investing with Roger King

    How To: Accelerate your Real Estate Investing with Roger King

    Roger King is a seasoned real estate investor with over 27 years experience specializing in strategic, cash-flowing properties. As the founder of a boutique firm, his insights have yielded over $10m in profitable returns to his investors during the last decade alone. Currently overseeing a diverse portfolio valued at over $50m (and still growing), Roger's current focus centers on residential and commercial properties located in 13 states around the U.S. There is currently a strong emphasis on mobile home park communities scattered in 8 of those states. Early on, Roger pursued a Performance degree at the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. As a former professional drummer, Roger's musical endeavors led his bands to open for renowned artists like Brian Setzer, Spyro Gyra, and Bryan Adams. Beyond his professional achievements, Roger has a passion for personal development. Embracing unique challenges, he has walked on fire over a dozen times, gone skydiving, and has lately ben working toward earning his private pilots license. Roger is also committed to philanthropy, contributing to the rebuilding orphanages in Kenya and supporting families during several retreats in India and Fiji. Roger and his puppy Daisy cherish their sunset beach time in Puerto Rico, the island they now happily call home. His newest pursuit is building The Real Estate Investing Accelerator™, a community of investors who want to learn to start and scale their real estate investing businesses. By helping members not only to live the life of their dreams, but be able to give back to those passion projects they’re called to support with both their time and their money. NEW COURSE: The Real Estate Investing Accelerator - Founders Group @

  • The Art of Not Going to Jail with, Nate Dodson

    The Art of Not Going to Jail with, Nate Dodson

    Nate Dodson Esq. is a Founding/Managing Partner of Dodson Robinette which owns and operates multiple specialized law firm brands including Crowdfunding Lawyers, Dodson Legal Group Real Estate, Estate Protection Lawyers, and others. Through Crowdfunding Lawyers whose motto is “Securities Simplified”, Nate shares with the masses many of the secrets to entrepreneurial success and simplified capitalization throughout the hundreds of interviews, podcasts, and other business-related speeches given by Nate through the years. New Book: Investment Planning Alchemy and The Art of Not Going to Jail

  • Russell Franchi- How to scale to $43,000,000 in assets

    Russell Franchi- How to scale to $43,000,000 in assets

    Russell Franchi, Co-founder of Village Capital Partners. Russell has been in commercial and residential real estate for 20+ years and currently focuses on investor relations and financing. He also still works as a luxury residential broker in Florida. He has an exceptional history investing in real estate and some fantastic insights he shares in this episode. Below are some highlights: Company Profile/Achievements: 12+ Multifamily Acquisitions with 300+ doors Target Markets: Michigan, Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee $43M in Asset Under Management Historical Returns: 18.5% IRR on full cycle deal for investors Case Study: How to perform a cash out refi with a Freddie mac loan, return all investor capital, and replenish CapEx while offering infinite returns

  • Mortgage Note Investing with Cal Ewing

    Mortgage Note Investing with Cal Ewing

    Cal Ewing was born and raised on a cattle ranch situated on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada but his real estate journey has taken him far beyond his roots. Since his days as a university student in 2009, he has been passionately investing in U.S. real estate, with his first deal taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada amidst the real estate market crash and wave of foreclosures that hit Las Vegas especially hard. Over the years, Cal's investment strategy has undergone a significant evolution, leading him to explore the realm of performing and non-performing mortgage notes on residential properties across the United States. During our podcast, Cal will delve into the reasons behind his affinity for note investing, choosing it over conventional approaches like owning rental properties, wholesaling, or flipping houses. Cal's extensive experience encompasses various aspects of real estate, including tax deed investing, foreclosure excess proceeds recovery, fix and flips, long-term rentals, wholesaling, "wholetailing," buying subject-to, and owner financing. This wealth of knowledge and experience has shaped him into a well-rounded and informed real estate investor. As a Canadian investing in U.S. real estate from his home country for the past 14 years, Cal offers a unique perspective on cross-border real estate investment and the associated challenges. He has firsthand experience navigating the complexities of investing in a different country. Moreover, Cal has weathered the storms—both metaphorical and literal—as a real estate investor. When Hurricane Harvey struck, two of his Houston properties fell victim to flooding, leading to devastating losses. Instead of succumbing to defeat, Cal transformed adversity into resilience, emerging as a stronger investor and discovering valuable lessons about perseverance. Beyond his investment achievements, Cal is also a real estate coach, having taught property wholesaling and various other real estate investing topics/strategies to numerous students. His love for real estate stems from the harmonious blend of analytical thinking and creative problem-solving it requires. Cal likes to encourage people to schedule a call with him if they are interested in getting involved in mortgage note deals. They can schedule a call at