Russell Franchi- How to scale to $43,000,000 in assets

The Passive Road To Retirement by Andrew Jarrett

Episode notes

Russell Franchi, Co-founder of Village Capital Partners. Russell has been in commercial and residential real estate for 20+ years and currently focuses on investor relations and financing. He also still works as a luxury residential broker in Florida.

He has an exceptional history investing in real estate and some fantastic insights he shares in this episode. Below are some highlights:

Company Profile/Achievements: 12+ Multifamily Acquisitions with 300+ doors Target Markets: Michigan, Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee $43M in Asset Under Management Historical Returns: 18.5% IRR on full cycle deal for investors Case Study: How to perform a cash out refi with a Freddie mac loan, return all investor capital, and replenish CapEx while offering infinite returns

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