Mortgage Note Investing with Cal Ewing

The Passive Road To Retirement by Andrew Jarrett

Episode notes

Cal Ewing was born and raised on a cattle ranch situated on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada but his real estate journey has taken him far beyond his roots. Since his days as a university student in 2009, he has been passionately investing in U.S. real estate, with his first deal taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada amidst the real estate market crash and wave of foreclosures that hit Las Vegas especially hard.

Over the years, Cal's investment strategy has undergone a significant evolution, leading him to explore the realm of performing and non-performing mortgage notes on residential properties across the United States. During our podcast, Cal will delve into the reasons behind his affinity for note investing, choosing it over conventional approaches like owning rental properties, wholesaling, or flipping houses.

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