Parsha With (the other) RBG

by Barry Gelman

Listen here for relevant, insightful and provocative takes on the weekly Parsha from Rabbi Barry Gelman.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Get To Work - Bechukotai 2022

    Get To Work - Bechukotai 2022

    What do we do when the work is hard? What does God expect of us when faced with a challenge.The point is that it is the effort that matters when it comes to doing God’s will. We never really know if we will succeed in any endeavor - but that does not free us from the obligation to toil in it. I was thinking about this approach in the wake of the awful tragedy in Uvalde, Texas this week.Full Text

  • What Really Matters - Emor

    What Really Matters - Emor

    I dedicate this Dvar Torah to my father, Martin Gelman ob”m who always “showed up” and had a knack for knowing what was really important.Judaism focuses particularly on the everyday, the common, regular, mundane activities which comprise the bulk of our lives.”Full Text

  • Stay Curious My Friends - Acharei Mot

    Stay Curious My Friends - Acharei Mot

    Why is there no mention of Yom Kippur in the Neviim?How did Yom Kippur become so popular?What is the root of human curiosity?

  • Carrying The World In Our Heart

    Carrying The World In Our Heart

    Celebrating Pesach During The War In UkraineFull TextLink to original article by Rabbi Weinberg

  • Interconnectedness


    How we learn interconnectedness from the leper. How far does our responsibility for each other go?Full Text