The OSINT Bunker - S5E11 - "10/7 - Israel's 9/11 Moment" - 22nd October 2023

The OSINT Bunker by The OSINT Boys

Episode notes

Season 5 - Episode 11 //

"10/7 - Israel's 9/11 Moment"

This week we discuss the outbreak of war between Israel and Iran-backed terrorist groups in Gaza and Lebanon, following the incursion into Israel by Hamas terrorists on 7th October 2023, and the impact this crisis will have on the future of the Middle East. //

Featuring @Osinttechnical, @geoallison and @DefenceGeek //

Guest Apperances from "Aleph" @no_itsmyturn and David from @AuroraIntel //

Made in collaboration with the UK Defence Journal //

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