Kinode OS (feat. Basile Genève)

The Network Age by Bichul Ritsen and Habsul Rignyr

Episode notes

This week we speak with Basile Genève, project lead of Kinode OS. We discuss our pivot from Urbit (and the name Uqbar), the main features of Kinode, and what you can expect from the future. We also say goodbye to The Network Age and invite you to join us in our other channels.


00:01 - Kinode OS with a name change backstory.

03:53 - Rebranding.

06:20 - Pivoting a decentralized project to better realize goals.

09:14 - Rewriting the kernel and using wasm for decentralized app development.

14:24 - "just works" in tech, reliability, and user experience.

17:09 - Decentralized OS development and standards.

23:46 - Network architecture and robustness.

26:43 - Software robustness and resilience.

30:16 - Decentralized networks and their potential for software deployment.

37:12 - I ... 

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