So says L0m3z (feat. L0m3z)

The Network Age by Bichul Ritsen and Habsul Rignyr

Episode notes

This week we speak with L0m3z of Passage Prize, Passage Publishing, and Twitter fame. Our theme: what's so wrong with legacy writing and publishing and will people actually buy books again if you just start your own publishing house and give them what they want to read? This is an extra special episode you won't want to miss.


00:00 - Introduction & decentralized publishing and art creation.

09:20 - The success of a dissident art publishing project.

15:00 - Literature's decline and gatekeeping.

20:06 - Gender imbalance in literature and publishing.

28:27 - Art, politics, and publishing with a rightist perspective.

35:33 - Cultural homogenization and the loss of high art in democratized societies.

43:28 - Preserving cultural distinctness in art and literature.

48:21 - Language los ... 

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