Born in the Vibe (feat. Grin)

The Network Age by Bichul Ritsen and Habsul Rignyr

Episode notes

On this extra special episode, the boys are joined by Grin, founder and CTO of LBRY and tech lead for Cabin DAO. They talk about fighting the SEC and losing but still WINNING, the LBRY blockchain and Odyssee video sharing platform, about finding friends online to VIBE with and maybe even move into together, and more! Don't miss it.


00:00 - Intro

01:53 - The origins and development of the decentralized library platform, LBRY.

06:02 - Decentralized video sharing platform Odyssey.

09:26 - Decentralized video platform Odyssee's discoverability and content culture.

16:17 - Curation and personalized content experiences.

20:37 - LBRY's popularity and SEC lawsuit.

29:33 - Crypto regulations and legal issues.

41:33 - Building a network of modern villages using technology and community.

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