Dr. Gabriel Cousens: Unlocking Secrets to Longevity | Nathan Crane Podcast 31

The Nathan Crane Podcast by Nathan Crane

Episode notes

🌿 Discover the Holistic Approach to Healing & Preventing Diseases 🌿 Welcome to Natural Health with Nathan Crane! In this enlightening interview, I sit down with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, a holistic physician, diabetes researcher, spiritual master, and more. We delve into the secrets of holistic liberation, mental-emotional healing, and the power of a life food-based diet. 🍃 Learn how a life food diet can help reverse diabetes and prevent cancer. 🌟 Gain insights into the psycho-spiritual aspects of healing. 🤝 Discover the importance of social connections for longevity. If you have an interest in alternative, holistic, or integrative medicine, this interview is a must.watch. Dr. Cousens shares decades of wisdom and experience that can transform your health and life. 📌 Don’t miss out on th ... 

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