Dr. Robert Verkerk: Navigating Complex Environmental Challenges | Nathan Crane Podcast 29

The Nathan Crane Podcast by Nathan Crane

Episode notes
🔴 Ready to make a difference for our planet? Discover solutions at https://nathancrance.com/ Ready to make a profound impact on our planet? Join us as we delve into solutions with Dr. Robert Verkerk on the Nathan Crane podcast. Dr. Robert Verkerk PhD is a multi-disciplinary scientist, researcher, educator, and regulatory expert with nearly 40 years of experience in the non-profit sector, academia and as a consultant. He has a MSc and PhD from Imperial College London where he continued as a postdoctoral research fellow for a further 7 years, working on projects in Eastern and Southern Africa, as well as Central and South-East Asia. Explore the intricacies of environmental challenges, from the far-reaching effects of pollution to the transformative potential of embracing sustainability.  ...   ...  Read more
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