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  • Amazon and Jeff Bezos are #1 brand AGAIN! Bumble dating app take on Mental Health in work and Euro 2020 continues


    Amazon and Jeff Bezos are #1 brand AGAIN! Bumble dating app take on Mental Health in work and Euro 2020 continues


    In this weeks "The Most Ridiculous Marketing Podcast" we discuss the following. Amazon tops the BrandZ Charts and is the most valuable brand for the third consecutive year running. How Chinese brands are fast becoming some of the most valued brands in the technology space. Bumble gives their employees a week off due to everything that's happened during the last year, we discuss mental health in the workplace. Deliveroo, UberEats and Just-Eat are major food delivery services, but how much more expensive are they, than dealing with a restaurant directly? How much more are you spending and how much is the commission that these services take? Amazon tops Kantar BrandZ’s list of the world’s 100 most valuable brands for the third year in a row, as a host of global businesses bounce back with a vengeance despite the trials of lockdown. Apple follows in second place ($611bn, up 74%), with Google claiming third place ($458bn, up 42%) from now fourth-placed Microsoft ($410.3bn, up 26%). For the first time this year, Chinese brands outnumber their European counterparts, with US and Chinese companies now accounting for 88% of the top 100. Furthermore, the domination of tech and its influence on retail, leisure and media continues unabated. Tencent (0700.HK), China's biggest social media and video games company, was the People's Republic's top brand, in fifth place, while Alibaba (9988.HK), was in seventh place. "Chinese brands are steadily and slowly progressing, and have made significant headway as more companies leverage their own technological developments and demonstrate their abilities to align with the major trends shaping China and the global market," Tesla, founded in 2003, was the fastest-growing brand and became the most valuable car brand, growing its value by 275%. Top Chinese brands consolidated their lead over top European brands: China accounted for 14% of the top 100 brands, up from 11% a decade ago, while European brands accounted for 8%, down from 20% a decade ago, Kantar said. Dating app Bumble closes for a week to let staff tackle 'collective burnout' Bumble, the dating app where women make the first move, has closed its doors for a week to give its some 700 employees a "much-needed" break to destress. Bumble experienced a hectic year, with growing user numbers and a stock market debut, as well as a pandemic which meant meeting up for dating purposes, wasn't realistic....unless you were sneaky. More recently, dating apps including Bumble have started offering perks to users to help the government encourage young people to get vaccinated. Among the bonuses are vaccination badges and stickers, as well as free "super" likes. FOOD DELIVERY According to research, ordering a takeaway via a food delivery app can be up to 44% more expensive than dealing directly with a restaurant. The consumer organisation said prices on the apps are "generally set by restaurants", which may increase them to cover the service charge they pay the companies operating the apps. The commission each restaurant take is said to be between 15-35%.

  • Ronaldo "wipes" $4 Billion from Coca-Cola share price, but what about Herbalife? Jeff Bezos, take us to space! Steroids and Juicing in SPORT?!


    Ronaldo "wipes" $4 Billion from Coca-Cola share price, but what about Herbalife? Jeff Bezos, take us to space! Steroids and Juicing in SPORT?!


    Ronaldo ditching coca-cola and wipes $4 Billion from their share price, is he the sugar hero that everyone needs? Cristiano Ronaldo has cost the drinks brand Coca-Cola billions of dollars after he removed their bottles from in front of him during a press conference, instead, Ronaldo told people to 'drink water'. What seemed a fairly innocuous move has sent the company's share price to a $4bn fall. Did he really know what he was doing and the impact it would have? We also discuss his own relationships and sponsors Herbalife. Paddy Power is pledging large sums of money to grass routes football in Ireland for every goal England score. For every goal Gareth Southgate's men score, Paddy Power are pledging to donate €10K to the clubs who need it most in Ireland, they'll also cheekily double it €20k if Jack Grealish or Declan Rice find the back of the net. Call it a backstabber bonus. “The #SaveOurGame campaign could mean a senior club gets their leaky roof fixed because Harry Kane found the back of the net Jeff Bezos £19.8m bid for a 10 minute space flight. Is it good value for money? Would you want to go to space and what do you actually get for the substantial amount? Blue Origin auctioned the first seat on its New Shepard rocket and space capsule system about to be used to take civilians into outer space. The price: A cool $28 million. The flight is scheduled for July 20 and the winner with join Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark. Here’s what $28 million gets you: Training begins a few days before the flight with the goal of getting familiar with the space capsule. The flight lasts 10 to 12 minutes. At about 250,000 feet, shortly after liftoff, the capsule and the rocket booster separate. The capsule carries on, making it to about 350,000 feet, or 100 kilometers up. That’s above the Karman line, the boundary that defines the edge of space. At that point astronauts can unbuckle and experience weightlessness for about three minutes. Then they buckle back in and ready for descent. The capsule floats down with three parachutes and an air cushion that makes landing a little softer. Shelby Houlihan: American middle distance runner blames burrito for positive test after she is banned for four years after being caught with a banned substance in her blood. Do we have a problem of steroids and juicing in sport? Do athletes need to find a better excuse than steroids being in their food?

  • Can England WIN Euro 2020? Which brands do we HATE? Renaming the podcast?


    Can England WIN Euro 2020? Which brands do we HATE? Renaming the podcast?


    In today's marketing podcast episode, we discuss whether England can win Euro 2020? What do we put their chances at? Can football come home? Will Gareth Southgate's men finally bring the misery of not winning a major tournament since 1966. The guys also make an intriguing bet about dying their hair blonde! Skateboarder Sky Brown could be Great Britain's youngest ever summer Olympian after finishing third in the Olympic qualification....meaning she could potentially win a medal. Bombette Martin, also only 14 years old, has qualified. How amazing is that? Nando's launches 50% off deal for 65+-year-olds in June. OAPs can enjoy the discount when dining with their younger relatives. In a bid to celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions and the reuniting of families with their older relatives, Nando's has launched the # NanGo's campaign. The limited-time offer pledges to give over-65s dining in the restaurant 50% off their food between 7-9 June when accompanied by their younger relatives. In one of the weirdest brand collaborations of 2021 so far, Balenciaga has teamed up with Crocs to create an absolute monstrosity of a shoe. We discuss this and the brands that we absolutely hate. We have come to terms with the fact that we may have to rename the podcast, as we don't even talk about Marketing. Let's see what we can come up with.

  • Should Ultimate Team be banned? Naomi Osaka French Open and Mental Health Struggles


    Should Ultimate Team be banned? Naomi Osaka French Open and Mental Health Struggles


    Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open this week after she refused to speak to the media to help improve her own mental health. There has been a lot of support, criticism and discussion around the way the whole situation was handled by Naomi, The French Open and the Media. We discuss whether the media are the ones to blame? The 23-year-old had earlier been fined $15,000 (£10,600) by the tournament referee and threatened with exclusion from Roland Garros and future majors for declining to face the media after her first-round match on Sunday. There have been many players that have come out and backed her, Serena Williams and other sporting stars such as Steph Curry, together with her main sponsor NIKE. Some people may enjoy the interviews because of their personality; others may not and may feel anxious at how they’ll answer questions or maybe probed by the press. Do the media cause huge amounts of unnecessary stress and mental health to sports stars? Was Naomi Osaka right to withdrawal from the tournament? We also discuss EA Sports and Ultimate Team in FIFA and Madden, is it gambling? Should Ultimate Team be banned? Is Ultimate Team creating bad habits for people and getting them used to the thrill and chase the buzz in gambling? We also make our predictions for the Euro 2020 tournament and who we feel will win, whilst also discussing England's chances at the tournament, can football finally come home?! In the quick news, we discuss Brentford's rise and promotion to the Premier League. Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul the boxing fight scheduled to take place in August, Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather for this weekend and Sperm Whales which have made fishermen RICH in Yemen!

  • Can Logan Paul beat Floyd Mayweather? FIFA adds Kiyan Prince - The best Marketing Podcast of 2021

    Can Logan Paul beat Floyd Mayweather? FIFA adds Kiyan Prince - The best Marketing Podcast of 2021

    HAVE YOU MISSED US?! Is this the biggest fight of 2021?! In this episode, we discuss the anticipated fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, and ask if Logan could really beat Floyd? We also discuss Kiyan Prince’s induction into FIFA and the messages behind his inclusion in the game and knife crime, which sadly ended Kiyan’s life as he was sadly killed as he tried to split up a fight at school. Is Rate My Takeaway the best channel on YouTube in 2021? The team review their favourite channels and discuss what really makes a great channel on YouTube. The Most Ridiculous Marketing Podcast is FINALLY back after a year out due to Covid 19! Have you missed us? Probably not, but we’re here to discuss everything related to marketing news each week in a semi-serious / mostly comedic fashion. In this podcast, we discuss all the latest trends and news from the marketing, advertising and social media world.