"Don't Own Bonds" Ray Dalio - So What to Invest In? #93

The Money Paradox by TheMoneyParadox

Episode notes

With Ray Dalio and others talking so negatively about owning bonds, the question is, what should people invest in? Traditionally, bonds would form a large share of people’s investment portfolio and so if people aren’t in bonds, that is a big share of the portfolio that isn’t invested. In addition, bonds are usually seen as the safer part of one’s investment portfolio and so when there are concerns that this very asset starts to become “unsafe” or “risky”, then it starts throw upside down the very principles many invest by.

This video picks up from last week’s video where I covered why Ray Dalio and others speak so poorly of bonds. If you haven’t yet checked that video out, then I encourage you to do so too.

Today’s video goes into what kinds of investments people can invest in an environment where the attractiveness of bonds have fal ... 

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