The Long and Short of It Golf Podcast

by Simon Hill

In - depth conversations with some of golf's biggest names hosted by Simon Hill, Dylan Rogers and Dale Hayes.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Justin Walters

    Justin Walters

    With over 20 years of tour experience under the belt, Justin Walters is a pro's pro. He's also more than just a golfer having started Birdies 4 Rhinos with his good friend and equally passionate nature lover, Dean Burmester. In this episode brought to you by Blair Atholl Golf and Equestrian Estate, the guys chat to Justin about the looming LIV arbitration, the future of his beloved rhinos and the best braaier he's had the privilege of sharing the coals with!

  • David Feherty


    David Feherty


    David Feherty needs little introduction. But we'll give him one anyway. An iconic golf commentator, Feherty has been witness and provided his unique analysis to some of the most iconic moments in the game over the last 30 years. In this episode he talks candidly about a chequered past, his controversial move to LIV and having a front row seat to 'The Tiger Show.'

  • Season 2

  • Tony Johnstone

    Tony Johnstone

    In this episode, brought to you by Blair Atholl Golf and Equestrian Estate, the guys catch up with one of the most well known voices in the game - Tony Johnstone. Ever the entertainer, Johnstone harks back to when he accidentally knocked Brandon Stone's mom out cold, the time he finally got even with his old pal John Bland and, of course, shares his thoughts on LIV Golf.

  • Shaun Norris Talks LIV Golf

    Shaun Norris Talks LIV Golf

    In this episode, Simon and Dylan catch up with LIV golfer, Shaun Norris, to get his thoughts and perspectives on what is certainly the hottest (and most contentious!) topic dominating the game at the moment.

  • Nick Price

    Nick Price

    You'll have to go a long way before you'll find a bad word uttered about Nick Price. Apart from being a 3 - time Major champion and former world number one, he's also one of the nicest people you'd ever wish to meet or speak to. In this episode, Nick takes us back to his early days in then Rhodesia, talks about his Major victories (and near misses), gives his considered opinion on LIV Golf and wades into the whole 'distance debate'.