Sakia Gunn: Unveiling a Life of Courage and Tragedy

The Lavender Files: Crimes Unmasked by Kacie Esparza & Lizeth Alva

Episode notes
Sakia Gunn, born in 1987, grew up as the oldest of three siblings. She was known for being a peacemaker within her family. Despite being raised by her Jehovah's Witness grandmother, Thelma, Sakia embraced her own identity. She was described as charismatic and dynamic by her friends. Sakia had a passion for basketball and aspired to play in the Women’s National Basketball Association.Identifying as an African American lesbian, Sakia faced discrimination both within and outside the LGBTQ+ community. She proudly identified as an "AG-lesbian" and "Aggressive," challenging societal norms. Sakia and her friends often visited LGBTQ+-friendly neighborhoods and hangouts.On a significant day, an unfortunate encounter occurred that led to a tragic turn of events. This incident highlighted the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, particularly those of color, ...   ...  Read more
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