The Language Worker

by Rita Prazeres Gonçalves

Hi everybody, this is Rita Prazeres Gonçalves, Linguist and Senior Talent Management Consultant.

In this podcast, I have conversations with language professionals who are willing to talk about their experience, their knowledge, and their strategies to navigate the ever-changing Language Industry.

This is also a space where I can learn and share my insights. I have been working with LSPs, enterprise clients and fr ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Robert Martin - Language Industry Insights

    Robert Martin - Language Industry Insights

    Let's dive into the language industry with Robert Martin (Magic Beans Agency) This episode of The Language Worker podcast is packed with industry insights! I invited Robert Martin, founder and managing director of Magic Beans Agency, to discuss a range of hot topics. Robert shares his key takeaways and what they mean for the future, fresh from his powerful presentation at the ELIA Executive Conference. We talk about the exciting new collaboration between Magic Beans Agency and ATC. Drawing on valuable resources such as Slator, Robert offers his expert perspective on current trends shaping the landscape. Get a sneak peek at Magic Beans Agency's exciting roadmap for the rest of the year, including a brand-new Coaching Program for business owners launching on June 7th. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in the language industry. Tune in and gain valuable insights from a leading expert!

  • VideoGame Localization: How to play this game?!

    VideoGame Localization: How to play this game?!

    I asked Diego Peres - Game Localization Specialist - to come back to the podcast so that we could not only catch up about all the new activities that he has taken on since last year, but also for him to introduce to us some of his friends have who are also working in this industry. They are following their own path, defining their passion, and have acquired a lot of knowledge since they strated working on their dream projects. Let’s listen to their stories, how they got here, their struggles their hopes and their dreams. Thank you so much Diego for doing this again and thank you so much ladies for accepting the challenge.

  • Daniela, Lisa and Marjolein - Let's talk about Translation and Sustainability

    Daniela, Lisa and Marjolein - Let's talk about Translation and Sustainability

    Daniela Melo “As a seasoned translator proficient in English and Spanish, I bring a blend of academic expertise and practical skills to every project. From articles and blogs to websites and apps, I meticulously craft translations that maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the original text.” Lisa McCarthy “Through my professional language services I help companies, organisations and individuals working in the areas of sustainability, environmental protection and nature conservation. I also love to work on projects that have a positive impact on society. I have over 16 years' experience in providing Spanish and Catalan to English translations, so you can rest assured that your material will be translated with the care and expertise it deserves :-)” Marjolein Thickett “Hi, I’m Marjolein and I’m an award-winning translator, editor, proofreader, copywriter, and now Carbon Literacy trainer for the sports sector! The first thing you need to know about me is that the environment is really important to me. I want it to stay the way it is today (as a minimum!), rather than getting any warmer and changing irrevocably. That’s why with my business, I try to do my bit to be sustainable, green, and ethical too.”

  • ALCA - To contribute towards building a resilient and thriving language services sector in Africa

    ALCA - To contribute towards building a resilient and thriving language services sector in Africa

    ALCA The Association of Language Companies in Africa (ALCA) was established in August 2023. MISSION To promote the growth of language services companies in Africa and facilitate knowledge sharing and best practices VISION To contribute towards building a resilient and thriving language services sector in Africa. Website: Christiana Aboagye Dedicated to empowering the African language industry and fostering collaborations at ALCA(Association of Language Companies in Africa). I specialize in developing and implementing innovative plans, ensuring ALCA's growth and sustainability. My expertise lies in organizing impactful meetings and events that unite stakeholders, creating boundless opportunities for growth and cooperation. Christian Elongue I am a Managing Director at Kabod Group, a consulting firm that provides knowledge management, eLearning, and languages services to clients across various sectors and regions. With over eight years of experience in this role, I have developed and implemented the group strategy, led and supervised various projects, and established partnerships and collaborations with key stakeholders.

  • Mario Muchacho - Filling the Gap Between Oral Health and Language | English to Spanish Medical Translator

    Mario Muchacho - Filling the Gap Between Oral Health and Language | English to Spanish Medical Translator

    For months, I had been thinking about having Mario as a podcast guest because he brings together two of the most important topics in my life: Translation and Theet! I started going to the dentist early in life – like everybody else, right? However, my history with these professionals is more intense than you can imagine – from 10 to 23 I visited the dentist about 2-3 times a week – 13 sets of braces, 5 surgeries, fake teeth in my early twenties… No, I don’t hate these people! Quite the opposite and that is also why it was so amazing to talk to Mario! Mario Muchacho bridges the gap between language and oral healthcare as a medical translator and dental professional. He specializes in translating dental and medical content from English to Spanish, ensuring accuracy and clarity. This firsthand understanding of dentistry allows him to craft engaging content specifically tailored to the dental field. From endodontics to oral surgery, his expertise encompasses a wide range of dental specialties. This comprehensive knowledge equips him to address the communication challenges faced by dental professionals working with diverse audiences. He is dedicated to fostering clear and effective communication within the dental industry, ensuring everyone has access to high-quality oral healthcare resources. So, if you are seeking a reliable medical translator with a deep understanding of dentistry, look no further than Mario Muchacho.