Chemistry - The Lab Podcast

by Gerald Lovelace & Thomas "Tyquise" Holbrook

Gerald and Tyquise are your hosts of the new podcast! Hear about dance news, pop culture, and hot topics of the week. We'll also be sitting down with local artists and super talented people to give you insight of the magic they create! LETS GOOOOOO!! #chemistry #podcast #artistpodcast

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Season 1 Finale!

    Season 1 Finale!

    Thanks for hanging out with us on our first season. We'll be back and better than ever for season 2 in August!

  • Sinque Goes to World of Dance

    Sinque Goes to World of Dance

    Sinque heads to World of Dance with his team, The Wolf Gang.

  • Feedback for the Youth + New Music

    Feedback for the Youth + New Music

    We sit down and talk about giving feedback to the dancers of tomorrow.

  • Dance Progression

    Dance Progression

    How has this pod helped us with our dance journey as instructors?

  • Dance Team Names

    Dance Team Names

    We just got through another round of tryouts for the new dance team and still coming up with names.