002 // Leanne Sobel // The roles of design in strategy: Towards a practice perspective of strategic design

The Knowledge Mill by Greg Joachim

Episode notes

Leanne Sobel is completing her PhD at the University of Technology Sydney, researching the roles of design in strategy.

Show Notes: https://bit.ly/tkm002

Leanne Sobel is a strategic designer, researcher and educator. Her work draws on design practices to investigate complex problems and deliver strategic outcomes. Leanne has a background in visual communication design and management. Her career spans design management, corporate strategy consulting, design education, and research roles. Leanne is currently undertaking a funded PhD research project at UTS – the University of Technology Sydney – investigating the role of design in strategy.

Previously, Leanne worked as a Senior Strategic Designer and Researcher at the Design Innovation Research Centre at UTS, having joine ... 

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