Just Steph with East Recovery Center and Life Palette

The Just Steph® Show by Steph Palermo

Episode notes
To celebrate my return to the studio, Jennifer Cassara is back as my guest co-host. Jennifer is a fashion guru and an expert in the field. She is the founder of GoodRobe & Co. I am expecting a show full of laughs with this Queen!Tom Meade and Brian Galvin of East Coast Recovery are dedicated to the emotional and physical well being of their clients. "East Coast Recovery was founded to address and treat substance abuse and mental health issues. Our goal at East Coast Recovery is to give our clients hope for the future. East Coast Recovery is committed to offering holistic, evidence-based treatment that follows the best practices and industry standards. Irina Portnova will be joining me early for my Soul Guidance segment as well as during the second hour featured biz slot. I will be picking Irina’s brain on how to remain calm and peaceful when ti ...   ...  Read more