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Steph discusses all aspects of healthy living for whom she has coined as “Second Lifers”: empty nesters, newly single and those starting over. Tune in for... - weekly healings - soul reading of the week - live Q&A - The Just Steph® Rules of Dating - Social 411 - soul blocks to living your best life, and more! Steph gets real with local and national guests to discuss well being, cooking & dining, dating, leisure, and lifestyle!  ...   ...  Read more

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  • Come Go With Me!

    Come Go With Me!

    Tune in to The Just Steph® Show tonight, May 15, 8-10 pm on WATD 95.9 FMMeet Susan Peavey: Susan was mesmerized by being at the airport when she was a young girl and back then, somehow, she knew she’d make travel her business. In 2001, Susan was able to turn that passion for travel into her own travel agency. Over the past 25 years, Susan has seen a lot of change in the way clients travel. First-hand knowledge is VERY important - and the Susan Peavey Travel team strive to stay in the same destinations and resorts, eat at the same restaurants, and take the same flights as their clients!Susan Peavey Travel has been awarded the Platinum Agency Award for Palace Resorts since 2015, Diamond Level 2 for Karisma Resorts, Platinum level for Hard Rock Hotels & UNICO 20º87º, become a Rising Star Agency for Playa Resorts, reached the Gold 500 Agency level for FunJet Vacations, and completed the Romance Travel Forum and Family Travel Forum.Susan is considered an EXPERT in planning Destination Weddings in the Caribbean - and sits on the Travel Agent Advisory Board for the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, and the islands of Antigua, Grenada, and the Dominican Republic. In 2019, she was also asked to join the prestigious Female Leaders in Travel, an elite group of top 100 female US-based travel agents!For more information:

  • Show Me The Money!

    Show Me The Money!

    Tune in to The Just Steph® Show tonight, May 15, 8-10 pm on WATD 95.9 FMCorliss Baskerville is a wife, mother, and business owner. She has a background in Corporate America, in both the private and public sectors. Corliss has over twenty years of experience in banking, commercial and residential real estate, business, and client services. Her passion for financial literacy and empowering others with credit education is rooted in my personal experiences as well as her years working in these various industries. Corliss has been an entrepreneur for eight years.The Baskerville Wealth Strategies Group is a financial education and consulting firm that aims to empower individuals and families with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions. She works closely with her clients to develop customized strategies that align with their unique needs and objectives and is committed to helping her clients achieve financial success. Baskerville Wealth Strategies is located in New York State but services all 50 US States.In addition to her work with clients, she is also actively involved in her community. She volunteers her time and resources to various charitable organizations and is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others. She has combined the two interests as the Director of Community Outreach in her church Bethel Christian Center, in Massapequa, NY.Corliss has been married to her husband, Silas Baskerville (a retired military officer) for ten years and has two sons Ronald and Kaden. They reside on Long Island in New York.WEBSITE FOR APPOINTMENTS: www.baskervillewealth.comAnd here’s what else you can expect tonight:Your Soul BlockSoul Guidance & HealingThe JS Rules of DatingYour Social 411And MUCH More!Call in to the studio with your questions or comments for me, Corliss.. (781) 837-4900Here is how you can tune in:1. South Shore Terrestrial Radio 95.9 FM2. You can ask your Alexa or Siri to play WATD at my show time (Monday’s 8-10pm), or Click Here.3. Watch in studio live. Catch all the backstage chat during radio commercial breaks. Follow my free community: Get Real With Just Steph. We are also live streaming on all my social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.See you all tonight, 8-10 pm on WATD 95.9 FMTell me what's going on in your life. I want to hear from you.Wishing you love, balance and peace!Amore & Baci,Just Steph

  • On Childhood Tr@uma

    On Childhood Tr@uma

    Childhood TraumaTonight, May 8, 8-10 pmWATD 95.9 FMTune in to The Just Steph® Show tonight, May 15, 8-10 pm on WATD 95.9 FMAll of us have had some kind of trauma. Even if we spend years in therapy, the body continues to hold on to it.Jennifer Cassara and I have been individually working with Megan Marini to release our childhood traumas.Tonight we will tackle how trauma is a block to your personal growth, what it looks like in your life today and how to heal from it.Jennifer Cassara graces us often as my guest co-host. .I love her energy. Please welcome her back by tuning in to this special show.More about Jennifer: She has spent the last 30 years, both personally and professionally, as a student and lover of fashion. She’s held positions as an Apparel Buyer and Fashion Director for multiple retail chains as well as owning and curating her own boutiques called Bella & Bella’s Closet. She’s used her experience to study style trends and to crack the code on how to build an effortless (yet enviable) wardrobe.Her goal is to help other women with a formula for looking good that’s easy, sustainable and affordable so they can focus on more important things. You know? Like conquering the world.She is the founder of GoodRobe & Co. “More than simply an apparel company, our mission is to change women’s lives by helping them to create timeless, effortless wardrobes that they can thrive in. We make it easy for women to look their best and feel more confident so they can focus on the more important things in life. We are committed to empowering women because we ARE women. GoodRobe & Co. is 100% woman-owned, led, and inspired”.Website: www.goodrobeandco.comMeet Megan Marini: Megan is a healer and coach who works with high-performing women who have fallen into a cycle of limitation and who are ready to break through into their true selves and create unshakable inner wealth.Website:

  • Ask Steph!

    Ask Steph!

    MAY is here!!! Let's start a great month by tuning in to The Just Steph® Show tonight, May 1, 8-10 pm on WATD 95.9 FM

  • Just Steph® Show Ask The Nurse

    Just Steph® Show Ask The Nurse

    Ask The Nurse!Tonight, April 10, 8-10 pmWATD 95.9 FMTune in to The Just Steph® Show tonight, April 10, 8-10 pm on WATD 95.9 FMChristine Murphy is a nurse practitioner of 21 years. After completing continuing education courses, Christine opened up a wellness clinic in Lakeville. Christine has grown so quickly she has opened a larger space right here in Marshfield.At Moi Health and Wellness, Christine provides weight loss options, women's health, anti-aging creams, Botox and Dysport. Also available are vitamin injections, sexual wellness support as well as hair loss solutions.Find out more information about all that is offered at Moi Health and Wellness here: https://moihealthandwellness.comAnd here’s what else you can expect tonight:Your Soul Block: FOMOSoul Guidance & Healing: Releasing People You LoveThe JS Rules of Dating: Sharing Food on A First Date & BeyondYour Social 411: Airplane Etiquette & Super Fun Dining In BostonAnd MUCH More!