CEO06: Making Van Life Accessible To All W/ The CEO of Camplify

Super Stocks Secrets Podcast by Jonathan Ang and Kelvin Seetoh

Episode notes

Justin Hales is the CEO of Camplify, a Peer to Peer Recreational Vehicle (RV) Marketplace that just recently IPO-ed in Australia this year. In this podcast, he shares about their business model & marketing initiatives, recent acquisitions, and the future of Camplify.

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Time Markers:

00:01:38 - Why Justin Started Camplify

00:05:08 - The Culture Of Camplify

00:06:47 - How Camplify Attracts High Performing Talents To Work With Them

00:08:39 - What Camplify Looks At Before Acquiring A Business

00:10:38 - Why Do Large Companies Want To Partner With Camplify?

00:13:56 - Camplify’s Current Market Initiatives To Capture More TAM

00:18:31 - The Market Demand For Camplify - Does It Fluctuate?

00:20:59 - How Camplify Reduces Friction In The Renting Experience For Their ... 

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