Health, Hormones and Menopause: An Interview with Dr. Kelly Casperson

The Hurt By The Female Pain Docs by Dr. Meera Kirpekar and Dr. Alopi Patel

Episode notes

In this episode, Dr. P chats with the one and only Dr. Kelly Casperson! Dr. Casperson is a urologist who started the podcast, You Are Not Broken, with the mission to empower women to live their best love lives. Whether you are young or past menopause, single or in a longterm bond…it is never too late or too early to realize that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. With humor, candor and ease she breaks down the stories that we have been told about being sexual beings to help us play, explore and normalize our lives. Dr. P and Dr. Casperson talk about all things menopause in this episode from estrogen supplementation to lifestyle tips. It is never too early to talk about menopause so this one is definitely worth a listen! You can find more of her content at @kellycaspersonmd.

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