Episode 13: Changing your Mind to Change your Life with Molly Kremer, Certified Life Coach

The Human Method by Meagan Bond

Episode notes

It is easy to fall into life’s “what ifs,” running on a loop in our minds from what if I get COVID to what if I lose my job, and everything in between. Our mental chatter is heightened with 24/7 access to the world through social media, enabling late-night work hours and the self-comparison to glamorous and thoroughly filtered images on social media. With so much going on around us at all times, it is easy to lose connection to the relationship we have to ourselves and our internal work. Attorney and Relationship Coach, Molly Kremer explains how we have the power to shape our life experiences while controlling how we chose to engage with external forces. She explains the steps that allow us to shape intentional experiences in our lives, providing more freedom of thought and peace of mind. Molly also shares her personal trials and tribulations fro ... 

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