Episode 14: Creating Better Balance Between Humans and Technology in the Workplace with Suman Giri, Director of Global Data Science and Innovation at Merck

The Human Method by Meagan Bond

Episode notes

Suman Giri, PhD in Advanced Infrastructure Systems and current Director of Global Data Science and Innovation at Merck, explains the fundamental challenges of technology adoption in most companies.

As a technologist, Suman is no stranger to geeking out over technology and process automation, but he understands that if the end user is not involved in the conversation, then the chances of adoption are extremely low. He shares that true human engagement does not stem from a tool being rolled out but from the problem being solved. He believes that a successful technology roll-out with a high adoption rate will require a shift in how organizations are currently running their change management programs and that the step by step process for how to use a new tool should be the last part of the conversation with the end-user. He states, “t ... 

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