Episode 24: The Art of Creating a Purpose Driven Career with Kaela Arellano

The Hola Gwapa Podcast by Nisha Btesh

Episode notes
Hola Gwapas and welcome to episode 24 of the Hola Gwapa Podcast! For those of you who are new to the show I’m your host Nisha Btesh. I’m also the Founder and Creative at Hola Gwapa, a digital community of ten thousand artists from all over the world, a blog, a website, this podcast and most recently my very own small batch slow fashion line! On this podcast we dismantle the limiting stories and stereotypes holding creative entrepreneurs back and together redefine what it truly means to be a successful artist.Today we welcome a VERY special guest to the Hola Gwapa Podcast… Kaela Arellano. Kaela is not only a thrifting fashionista, an environmental educator and outreach coordinator, a student, AND a jewelry designer she is ALSO my childhood friend from San Diego California. Our conversation goes all over the place from sustainability efforts in fashio ...   ...  Read more