How to Have A Kick-ass Career & Creative Side Hustle with Aimee Rancer

The Hola Gwapa Podcast by Nisha Btesh

Episode notes

Today I’m sitting down with Aimee Rancer, a fashion and lifestyle blogger as well as a Creative Strategist who has worked for MEGA advertising disruptors like VaynerMedia, Pinterest and most recently Amazon.With over ten years of experience across a variety of roles in the marketing industry Aimee opens up sharing her fresh perspective on what it takes to have a kick-ass career AND a creative side hustle. In this episode we chat about career paths and following your yes, what exactly IS a global creative strategist and how you truly can have it all… as long as you’re willing to work for it! So whether you’re curious about embarking on a more corporate creative career, interested in learning more about balancing a full time role and a passion project or simply looking to feel inspired by Aimee's story then THIS is the creative conversation for you ... 

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