How to Dress Like 1 Million People Are Watching with Sara Camposarcone

The Hola Gwapa Podcast by Nisha Btesh

Episode notes

Holy moly I am SO excited about this episode because today I’m sitting down with the one-of-a-kind Sara Camposarcone. With over one million style-obsessed followers on TikTok and dubbed fashions ``sustainable maximalist” by publications like Vogue, New York Times, Harper's Bazaar and more it turns out her most impressive superpower of all is not taking any of it too seriously. In this episode we talk about her quick rise to fame, her personal style and outfit building process, how she shuts down online (and IRL) trolls with positivity and what's next on the horizon for this creative icon. So if you’re curious about gaining insights on how to leverage social media to turn your passion into a paycheck, want to learn more about what goes into the day to day of becoming a fashion influencer or are simply looking to feel inspired by Sara’s story then  ... 

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