The Hidden Six Explicit

by Zane and Craig

Welcome sit back Relax as Zane & Craig aka Spaceboy Elroy give you some life facts .Maybe a little news and of course conversations in all things Music, Gaming, Sports and Pop culture. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E27 - "Victorian Haters"

    S01 E27 - "Victorian Haters"Explicit

    On this episode, That G4tv thing, Not a fan of my birthday, how many jabs? Ethically sourced organs, Spiderman and Matrix movie review with spoilers and Vlad in the six

  • S01 E26 - "Giving Flowers"

    S01 E26 - "Giving Flowers"Explicit

    On this episode: Christmas shopping, RIPs, Pineapple on Pizza , Bad gifts , What is Mukbang ? We talk Crypto this is not financial.

  • S01 E25 - "Stage fright"

    S01 E25 - "Stage fright"Explicit

    On this episode: Tragedy at Astroworld ,Concert etiquette, kink shaming ,The fight for Crypto, We forgot about the veterans ,Nerd out on film, anime and gaming.

  • S01 E24 - "Whistle Blowers"

    S01 E24 - "Whistle Blowers"Explicit

    On this episode: What's going on with Facebook ,The Panama papers, We love Halloween ,Costumes, Scary movies and Ghost stories.

  • S01 E23 - "Missing Persons"

    S01 E23 - "Missing Persons"Explicit

    The guys get back to it : We pay respects ,Election recap ,Vaccine passport, Hope for the jays ,Missing persons parallel.