The Hidden Six Explicit

by Zane and Craig

Welcome sit back Relax as Zane & Craig aka Spaceboy Elroy give you some life facts .Maybe a little news and of course conversations in all things Music, Gaming, Sports and Pop culture. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E33 - "Toy Story Clouds"

    S01 E33 - "Toy Story Clouds"

    The guys get back to it: Keep your steps up, Sports according to us, Landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, Crypto update, what is Shrinkflation, lost and found his mom on the podcast live.

  • S01 E32 - ''Put a ring on It"

    S01 E32 - ''Put a ring on It"Explicit

    On this episode: Engagement Ring rules ,Our parents dating, your first bike , Monkeypox rollout, Baby formula shortage, things we cant let go and more.

  • S01 E31 - F**k you type money

    S01 E31 - F**k you type moneyExplicit

    Zane and Craig tackle the hard-hitting issues, Growing up still sucks ,who remembers the MP3 player ,that Johnny and Amber thing, Elon Musk flexing and more.

  • S01 E30 - Entanglement Part 2

    S01 E30 - Entanglement Part 2Explicit

    The guys get to it . who should gets a statue ? We're going to the World Cup. LeBron's Legacy. when politicians linkup, Do we need another city. and that Will Smith and Chris Rock thing.

  • S01 E29 - "The Art Of War"

    S01 E29 - "The Art Of War"Explicit

    On this episade: The guys couldn't avoid talking about the war, Are you woke enough? News fatigue.