Diss Tracks, Free Speech, War, and More - A Stoic Analysis

The Gen Z Stoic by Wren Pritchett & Mateo Gonzaga

Episode notes

Welcome back, Stoics! After a few weeks off, we return to the podcast with an absolute beast of an episode to continue season 3. Tune into this week’s episode as we discuss some of the current hottest topics dominating the media: Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar, Harrison Butker’s commencement speech, and the Israel-Gaza conflict on campus and across the world. From acknowledging whom we give fame and influence to discussing the importance of using rationale in highly controversial settings, this week’s episode runs a bit longer and covers all the major Stoic components of these current events. We discuss how using reason and logic and being open-minded go a long way when having civil discussions about topics that deserve our attention.

Ryan Quirk’s most recent speech at the Institute of World Culture:

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