Victor Giusfredi on Fulfilling Relationships, A Hero Mindset, and Discovering Your Purpose

The Gen Z Stoic by Wren Pritchett & Mateo Gonzaga

Episode notes

IIn this week’s episode, we welcome Victor Giusfredi to the Gen Z Stoic. Victor is a serial entrepreneur, internationally certified mindset coach, and author who brings a wealth of multicultural, global experience to his followers and readers. Victor recently released his new book, No Grail Without Dragons: A Man's Unconventional Path to Love, Purpose, and Peace, which navigates “through a myriad of trials, reflecting a relentless quest for love, purpose, and peace, only achieved by conquering our deepest fears.” Victor’s extensive background and incredible journey are made clear in this episode and should serve as inspiration for Generation Z.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of Stoicism in relationships, define a “hero mindset,” explain how it proves useful in daily practice, and discuss how to find your purpose at rock bottom. ... 

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