Posting, Influencing & Oversharing: Privacy & Cyber-Security in the era of Social Media

The Gateway by Dr. Biagio Palese + Russell Devereaux

Episode notes

The Gateway will examine social media culture, interconnectedness, and the inherent risks associated with displaying personal information for the world to see. The discussion will analyze the institutionalized dichotomy of content creation: as platforms devour our data in exchange for the slow-drip high of emoji interactions, what are we sacrificing to participate in the creator culture? Have we become indebted to omnipresent applications in exchange our personal audience of followers? Are we aware of the true cost associated with using our own being as currency?

To help examine this potent and timely topic, we will be speaking with Arvin Verma and Dr. Tawfiq Alashoor. Arvin Verma, a NIU graduate, brings over a decade of experience in a multitude of cyber facets including information assurance, risk management, and IT innovation. D ... 

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