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  • Season 4

  • Episode #034: Mic Drop Matt

    Episode #034: Mic Drop Matt

    Happy Holidays, Freaks! Ya fave girls are back with tales from their travels, trials, and tribulations... or whatever. Also Katie & Tamar take a deep dive into the shallowest comedy special on Netflix.Like the pod? We know you do, but wanna hear it from you. So write a review, leave a 5-star rating, and subscribe to Tamar's SFW OnlyFans.Oh, yeah, and follow us on Instagram.Katie's IG: @katiehughescomedyTamar's IG: @tamarrubin69The Friggin Show's IG: @thefrigginshowpod

  • Episode #033: Carol From HR

    Episode #033: Carol From HR

    Look out Freaks! Ya fave girls did their homework this week. That homework? Watching hours of the hit British TV show Naked Attraction. Will there by talk of willies and fannies? Almost exclusively. Is this a plug for Tamar's SFW OnlyFans? Only if you haven't already subscribed.Love devouring the show? Feed the internet a review. It's hungry for 5 stars!!Obsessed with your hosts? Then you're probably already following them on Instagram, but if you're not...Katie's IG: @katiehughescomedyTamra's IG: @tamarrubin69The Friggin Show's IG: @thefrigginshowpod

  • Episode #032: Sexiest Freaks Alive

    Episode #032: Sexiest Freaks Alive

    FREAKS! Ya fave girls are back with one of our hottest episodes ever where we discuss and dissect "Sexiest Man Alive" winners past and present. Love the show? Let us know! Rate it 5 stars and leave a lil review if you don't mind.And follow us on IG!Katie: @katiehughescomedyTamar: @tamarrubin69The Friggin Show: @thefrigginshowpodByeeeeeee!!!!

  • Episode #031: On Becoming Republicans

    Episode #031: On Becoming Republicans

    Season 4 is here! Can you even believe it?! Ya fave girls are coming in hot with the spiciest celebrity goss and how that has completely changed their sociopolitical worldviews.Love the show? Leave a 5-star rating and glowing review.Obsessed with us? Then why aren't you following on IG?!Katie's IG: @katiehughescomedyTamar's IG: @tamarrubin69The Friggin Show's IG: @thefrigginshowpod

  • Season 3

  • Episode #030: Love, Forever And Always, Carla Gugino

    Episode #030: Love, Forever And Always, Carla Gugino

    We just recorded the 30th episode of The Friggin Show & Season 3 is a wrap! Ya fave girls, Katie & Tamar, are giving you an eXXXtra long episode where they talk about how they aren't going to talk about international affairs, [REDACTED], work/life balance, and The Fall of the House of Usher. Let us know what you want to see & hear in season 4. We love you FREAKS!Love the show as much as it loves you? Rate 5 stars and leave a review, please!Wanna stay up-to-date with Katie and Tamar? Follow them online!Katie's IG: @katiehughescomedyTamar's IG: @tamarrubin69SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE to Tamar's OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/tamarrubinThe Friggin Show's IG: @thefrigginshowpod