Fly Rod Design with Rene Vaz of Manic Tackle Project

The Flyfisher's Podcast by The Flyfisher, Australia

Episode notes

Rene is a talented rod designer with a deep knowledge gained from working with major fly rod brands including Scott fly rods, and Composite Developments. His rod brand, Primal, has grown rapidly thanks to their rods incredible casting performance and value.

We sat down with him during his Melbourne visit to discuss the intricacies of fly rod building, and what goes into creating one. We learn it takes more than just good materials to cook up a great rod, and the rod designer, like a good chef, plays a vital role. We also discuss some industry trends and technology you can expect to see in years to come.

We all buy into the glossy, cinematic fly rod marketing, but Rene puts all that to the side to provide rare insight into exactly what it takes to make a rod that flyfishers love to fish.

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