Uncovering Your Brilliance with Lane Gardner

The Fearless Happyness Podcast by Max Nijst

Episode notes

Author, Motivational Speaker, and Songwriter Lane Gardner is a testament to the transformative power of resilience and creativity.

Experiencing a tumultuous start marked by the fallout of her father’s PTSD, her family’s involvement in a religious cult, and the challenges of an abusive stepparent, Lane found solace and inspiration in her family’s rich musical tradition.

Discovering her gifts at age 9, Lane would excel in singing and finding refuge in the local community theater.

Her formal education in classical voice and musical theater at Baldwin-Wallace College and Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Lane, catapulted her into a successful professional singer/actor career.

Her leading roles in productions like My Fair Lady and the Glass Menagerie showcased her prowess on stage.

A pivotal moment came when Lane dis ... 

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