MH: Undergrad - Ep 44. New Year New Me Pt. 2

The Fantasy Fantasia Podcast by Tall Tale Theatre Collective

Episode notes

As the 1992 winter semester arrives at Oakhurst College, the campus mysteries only seems to intensify. With Specs nowhere to be found, Cain took control of the monster-mash movie scene, filmed in the newly constructed tunnels under the college. Meanwhile, Iris tried her hand at the catering industry, Evelyn grew suspicious that her history professor isn’t all she seems, and Dr. Egan with the aid of Dr. Renner, made impressive strides in their cure for vampirism. Perhaps the greatest shock of the day came to Zak, as he discovered a secret vinyl record made by his father informing him that there is a reason he has the powers he has…and it’s time for him to learn the truth. Welcome back to Undergrad: a Monsterhearts tale.

This podcast contains coarse language, mature themes, and is intended for an adult audience. Listener discretion is advised ... 

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