MH: Undergrad - Ep 43. New Year New Me Pt. 1

The Fantasy Fantasia Podcast by Tall Tale Theatre Collective

Episode notes

As our AV club bid 1991 goodbye and welcome 1992, they are faced with a new semester at Oakhurst College. Join us for a new batch of unique classes and professors, as the mystery surrounding Oakhurst deepens and the origins of our heroes are revealed at last! Welcome back to Undergrad, a Monsterhearts tale.

This podcast contains coarse language, mature themes, and is intended for an adult audience. Listener discretion is advised.

This episode is brought to you by the City of Windsor.

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Undergrad: a Monsterhearts tale

Editing: Averey Meloche, Eric Branget & Mitchell Branget

Music provided by: Peter Billing

Music & Effects by: www.zapsplat.com

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