MH: Undergrad - Ep. 40 The Exorcism of Iris Greenwood Pt. 2

The Fantasy Fantasia Podcast by Tall Tale Theatre Collective

Episode notes

The Exorcism of Iris Greenwood continues! When last we left our heroes, the demons Samhain and the Bestie have turned the odds against the AV Club. As they find themselves surrounded by hellspawn, they must use their wits and powers like they’ve never used them before. Will Iris survive to see the end of halloween? Find out on Undergrad: a Monsterhearts tale.

This podcast contains coarse language, mature themes, and is intended for an adult audience. Listener discretion is advised.

This episode is brought to you by the City of Windsor.

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Undergrad: a Monsterhearts tale

Editing: Averey Meloche, Eric Branget & Mitchell Branget

Theme song: River Bourque

Music provided by: Peter Billing

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