The Extra PointExplicit

by Wes, Bobby, & Matt

Podcast run by Wes Miller, Robert Rhoads, and Matt Kennelly discussing the NFL Twitter: @extra_point Facebook: @TheExxtraPoint 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E02 - The Extra Point

    S03 E02 - The Extra PointExplicit

    The draft is over! We get into this episode discussing the 1st round, grades of our favorite teams, and who we think could be a 1st round bust.

    May 08 2021
    May 08 2021
  • S03 E01 - The Extra Point

    S03 E01 - The Extra PointExplicit

    Season 3 is here and we kick it off with our 2021 Mock Draft. With less than a week until the NFL Draft in Cleveland, The Extra Point team gives their first round picks!

    Apr 24 2021
    Apr 24 2021
  • Season 2

  • S02 E46 - The Extra Point

    S02 E46 - The Extra PointExplicit

    Bobby and Wes wrap up Season 2 of the Extra Point

    Feb 18 2021
    Feb 18 2021
  • S02 E45 - The Extra Point

    S02 E45 - The Extra PointExplicit

    We break down the conference final games, talk Matt Stafford, pro bowl ideas, and preview what is sure to be a wild offseason at the QB position around the league.

    Jan 28 2021
    Jan 28 2021
  • S02 E44 - The Extra Point

    S02 E44 - The Extra PointExplicit

    Divisional weekend is in the books and its time for Conference Championship weekend! We got picks, matchups, and everything that was the past week in the NFL.

    Jan 21 2021
    Jan 21 2021