8. All is Fair in Fudge and Cabinetry | Part 2 | A Retreat Most Fowl

The Experience Corporation by Readymade Utopia

Episode notes

Cameo goes undercover. A balloon makes a sacrifice. Delmont (Dermot?) finds themselves.. A bunny plays at a country music festival.

[This Episode is Rated T for Teen]

Delmont is played by Len Sheth

Cameo is played by Samuel Levit

Leslie is played by Brit Meyer

Riley is played by Matthew Snead

Bauble is played by Christian Rassmusen

Goff Lynn is played by Keely Smith

The Falcon is played by Chloe Haven

Gumbo is played by CG Shoopmann

Tulip and Lola are played by Julia Crowley

Dr Ardercoin and Fudge Vincent played by Samuel Levit

Written by Samuel Levit

Produced and directed by Kaleb Davie,

Vanessa Thurlow is the director of sound design, producer, and composer.

Theme song written by Vanessa Thurlow and Len Sheth, performed by Christian Rasmussen,

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