6. Last Call for Bad Calls | Part 2 | False Starts and False Flags

The Experience Corporation by Readymade Utopia

Episode notes

Bad calls are made. A race is won. Cameo confronts his deepest fear. More than one hotdog is eaten.

Delmont is played by Len Sheth

Cameo is played by Samuel Levit

Liam McCarty as Bad Call Billy

Scott Elsner as announcer

Christian Rassmusen as Hammerhand

Kaleb Davie as Bad Gerogie

Amy Martin as Communicator

Megan Hastie as Bad Call Goon

James Konicek as Weather Reporter

Written by Samuel Levit and Len Sheth

Produced and directed by Kaleb Davie,

Vanessa Thurlow is the director of sound design, producer, and composer.

Theme song written by Vanessa Thurlow and Len Sheth, performed by Christian Rasmussen,

Artwork by Kate Nikles.Our executive producers are Susan Fair, Bob Levit, and Louise and Raj, and The Elsner Family.

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