4. Rainy Day in Cloud Court | Part 2 | Judge Mint Presiding

The Experience Corporation by Readymade Utopia

Episode notes

An unscheduled meeting takes place. Delmont steps up. Cameo calls in a favor. Objections are made, several times even.

Delmont is played by Len Sheth

Cameo is played by Samuel Levit

Written by Vanessa Thurlow & Samuel Levit

Maya Knell as Simone

Kendal Klitzke as Batrica

Talon Bigelow as Judge Mint

Hobert Thompson as Solobov Bistec

Produced and directed by Kaleb Davie,

Vanessa Thurlow is the director of sound design, producer, and composer.

Theme song written by Vanessa Thurlow and Len Sheth, performed by Christian Rasmussen,

Artwork by Kate Nikles.

Our executive producers are Susan Fair, Bob Levit, and Louise and Raj, and The Elsner Family.

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