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by Rob, Lou and Mike

Get ready every Monday to join the ultimate podcasting trio as we gather weekly to delve into the most thrilling discussions on The Top Podcast! 🎙️ Three passionate guys on a mission to bring you the best top 5 lists imaginable - from mind-bending movies to mouthwatering food destinations, we've got it all covered! 🍿🌮🏆 Join us for a rollercoaster of laughter, friendly debates, and a never-ending quest for the crème de la ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Best Sitcom Moments

    Best Sitcom Moments

    Get ready for a laugh-out-loud journey down sitcom memory lane! 📺😂 In this side-splitting episode of The Top Podcast, we're breaking down our all-time favorite sitcom moments. From legendary one-liners to unforgettable scenes that left us in stitches, we're ranking the comedic gold that defined our sitcom experience. Join us as we revisit the hilarity, relive the laughter, and celebrate the sitcom magic that has us saying, 'That's comedy gold!' Tune in to The Top Podcast for the top sitcom moments that kept us glued to the screen! 🎙️🍿 #SitcomLaughs #Top5MomentsCheck out our socials!YT:

  • Classic YouTube Video

    Classic YouTube Video

    Watch all of our picks here! ready to hit rewind on the internet's golden era! 📼🎬 In this nostalgic episode of The Top Podcast, we're diving into the digital time capsule and sharing our all-time favorite classic YouTube videos. From the early viral sensations to the timeless comedy sketches, join us as we reminisce about the videos that had us laughing, quoting, and hitting that replay button. It's a trip down memory lane filled with iconic moments and viral gems. Tune in to The Top Podcast for a blast from the YouTube past! 🎙️📹 #ClassicYouTube #DigitalNostalgiaCheck out our socials!YT:

  • Most Embarrassing Stories (ft. Hot Kyle)

    Most Embarrassing Stories (ft. Hot Kyle)

    You can find Kyle's Instagram right here! for some cringe-worthy confessions? 😳🤣 In this hilariously candid episode of The Top Podcast, we're baring it all as we recount our most embarrassing moments. From awkward encounters to laugh-out-loud mishaps, no stone is left unturned in this rollercoaster of funny fails and blush-worthy blunders. Join us for a dose of genuine laughter, relatable stories, and a reminder that, hey, we've all been there. Tune in to The Top Podcast for a sidesplitting journey into our most embarrassing tales! 🎙️😅 #EmbarrassingMoments #RealTalkLaughs

  • Top Sports Media

    Top Sports Media

    Time to huddle up for a sports media showdown! 🏈🎮 In this epic episode of The Top Podcast, we're spilling the beans on our favorite sports media beyond the field. From heart-pounding sports video games that took us to virtual championships, to podcasts that dissect the plays and drama, and movies that captured the essence of the game, we're diving into the ultimate sports media experience. Join us as we discuss the top-tier plays, memorable interviews, and the movies that scored big in our playbook. It's game time on The Top Podcast - where sports media takes the spotlight! 🎙️🎮🎬 #TopSportsMedia #GameOnCheck out our socials!YT:

  • Favorite Pokémon Games!

    Favorite Pokémon Games!

    Prepare for a journey into the Pokémon world like no other! 🌍🕹️ In this electrifying episode of The Top Podcast, we're diving into tall grass, challenging Gym Leaders, and recounting our favorite Pokémon game adventures. From classic Red and Blue to the expansive worlds of Sword and Shield, we're ranking and reminiscing about the games that captured our hearts and filled our Pokédex. Join us as we discuss our cherished starters, legendary battles, and the joy of 'Gotta Catch 'Em All.' Tune in to The Top Podcast for a Pokémon adventure you won't want to miss! 🎙️🧡 #FavoritePokemonGames #GottaCatchEmAllCheck out our socials!YT: