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S1EP19: At the Intersections of Beauty, Science, and Technology with Marie-Pierre Stark-Flora

The Drift by Eloiza Tecson

Episode notes

Catch the latest episode of The Drift on Spotify and Apple Podcasts 🎙to hear from Marie-Pierre Stark-Flora, Founder of HERB + FLORA, as she speaks to:

👉🏼 The science-backed formula in beauty products to create anti-aging affects, mimicking effects of exercise on the skin

👉🏼 How being a triathlete has shaped her passion and commitment to health lifestyles (and healthy products)

👉🏼 How the growth of health, science, and technology are shaping the beauty industry to become more about balanced lifestyles

👉🏼 And so much more…

To learn more about Marie-Pierre and her brand, check out:

▫️Website: https://herba ... 

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