The Comic Cosmonaut

by Rebekah Denton

Hi ya! My name is Bek, and this podcast is aimed toward anything and everything space related! So come hang out and chill with me :) Let's listen to music and talk about space!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Thank you for the awesome year!

    Thank you for the awesome year!

    Just a flashback to the start of the year and then a talk about the upcoming year! Thank you so much for watching and listening to my content! I appreciate you all so much! Thank you to all our Adventurers, Explorers, and Travelers!Support and donation links:

  • The Road To Europa! (Quick Bite Episode!)

    The Road To Europa! (Quick Bite Episode!)

    This is a quick podcast episode about the wonderful frigid world of ice with a probable ocean that could hold twice as much water as all of Earth's oceans combined! That's right! We're talking about Europa!

  • The Black Hole Series! Part - 1

    The Black Hole Series! Part - 1

    Get ready to get pulled into an invigorating series about one of the universe's most mysterious and violent things! We will take a trip in our favorite rocket ship into the depths of a black hole! Join me for the 3 part series! This episode was the fun facts and random bits of information about black holes, but there's a lot more to come in our next 40-minute-long episode!!

  • Season 1

  • It rains glass... SIDEWAYS??

    It rains glass... SIDEWAYS??

    Today's podcast episode talks about all sorts of fun facts from our own solar system's planets to outrageous new worlds...where it rains glass. We also talk about aliens and panspermia!

  • Giordano's Universe

    Giordano's Universe

    A brief history before telescopes and universe models!